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New Products Coming Your Way This Easter!!!

As Easter approaches, we are thrilled to bring back our decadent Easter egg macarons! We first made them 2 years ago in Banana and Hazelnut flavour, but this year, they also include Mixed Berry, and Vanilla and Blueberry flavours. We have redesigned the logo as well, now featuring our lovely mascot Shih Hu!

They are also available to buy online for nationwide shipping. They will come in a different box due to their fragile nature, but will be just as scrumptious!

Some of Sugarcane Studio's 2021 Banana and Hazelnut flavour Easter egg macarons
Our Easter egg macarons from 2 years ago...

Of course we chose this year's flavours to match our brand colour scheme, however, we think these flavours are really delicious and compliment each other. Each box contains 6 macarons, two of each flavour. One of our most popular flavours, which has been with us since the start, is Mixed Berry. This one is filled with a white chocolate ganache that is made with real strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, redcurrants and blackcurrants. The newest flavour in the trio is Vanilla and Blueberry, which features blue macaron shells sandwiching a vanilla white chocolate ganache and our own blueberry compote. To represent our signature yellow, we have a return of our dark chocolate Banana and Hazelnut flavour.

We have had a lot of pre-orders already, but will be stocking them in the shop until Easter Monday, and available online until the end of Good Friday. We really hope you will love them as much as we do!

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